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Terms of Use



The Things You Should Know... Before making payment.

Please ensure you have read, understand & agree to in principal and in its entirety all sections detailed below.

For the Booking Team, general enquiries or help understanding any of the sections below please call: 0203 151 0666

Should you wish to change the assembly day and/or arrival time detailed above, please do so giving at least 48 hours notice and we will do our best to change your appointment day/time providing the team is not booked out elsewhere, we will always seek to find you a suitable alternative.

We take an advance payment which is fully refundable should you change your mind. Although a minimum of 48 hours notice before confirmed appointment day &arrival time is required for a full no quibble refund.

When placing an order with us you are booking an assembly team(s) time, regardless of the item we are assembling. When making payment you are paying for our fitters time and experince and they have been allocated to your order number, we cannot change the time we have allocated to your order number without 48 hours notice. If you would like to add or remove items listed on your order number please contact our office giving as much notice as possible with a minimum of 48 hours notice.

If when opening the packaging or on inspection of your flat pack we find a damaged or missing item and cannot assembly the item for any reasons no refund will be given, as buy making payment against your order number you have paid for our assemblers time and experience. We will try to help and explain to the retailer the faults with the product on your behalf; compensation should then be sought with your retailer for our re-visit fee to complete the assembly.


Should our team arrive during the agreed time slot and you are not at the property and have failed to notify us, we will instruct our team to wait for up to a maximum of 15 minutes for you to return. If you cannot provide access during this waiting time period the appointment will be cancelled and no refund will be given. So if the school run is within your time slot, just let us know in advance and we will do our best to work around you and your plans.

Please ensure your items to be assembled match the items described on your order form. For instance if you have paid for the assembly of a two door hinged robe and on arrival our team unpack a three door hinged robe, there will be an additional charge for any additional work. If this additional charge cannot be met, we may be forced to cancel the assembly and no refund will be given.

When your items are delivered please ensure the delivery team place the items to be assembled in the destination rooms as there may be a charge if we have to carry your items upstairs or throughout your property.

Please ensure the room is clear and tidy ready for the assemblers to do their stuff. Should our team arrive and the room is not ready for work, we reserve the right to charge waiting time for any delays we suffer whilst waiting for the room to be cleared. We reserve the right to cancel any assembly appointment if the room/rooms are not ready for our teams to work in and no refund will be given.

Please ensure you have sufficent space in the room for the assembly team to complete your assembly, if you are unsure of what is considered sufficient space please contact our office for guidlines on suffient space based upon the item we will be assembling. Should our team arrive and you have not provided suffient space to assemble your product(s) the fitter has the right to cancel the appointment due to insuffiecent space and no refund will be given.


Our teams do not carry CSCS cards and as a result we cannot work on building sites or homes under construction due to health and safety regulations. Should our team arrive and your property is under construction the appointment will be cancelled and no refund will be given. Please advise us of any on-going construction/decorative works.


In most cases we do not remove or take packaging away unless stated in your order, packaging removal is chargeable and can be arrange by calling the booking team. Although our teams will fold down the cardboard neatly and bag the other associated packaging materials ready for recycling – The customer is responsibility for providing refuse sacks.


Anchoring items to walls is not included in the service we offer unless stated on your order form, we can anchor units to walls but we will need to know this in advance of service to ensure our teams have the correct fittings and tools required to do the job.

We endeavour to get to all of our customers on time in all instances, although due to constraints like traffic, assembly delays or staffing issues our service can sometimes run a little late, so please allow up to an additional 2 hours on the latest arrival time for the assembly team to arrive. We will keep you updated on any delays.


We would like to remind our customers that we work with power tools and sharp objects and as a result we cannot have children or pets in the assembly area for health and safety reasons. Also please be sure to vacuum/sweep the assembly area thoroughly after the assembly team have finished as packaging material can sometimes contain staples, screws and sharp objects that may be missed when the assembly team are clearing up and we do not accept any liability of harm or injury from packaging materials for fixings.

We occasional send messages via WhatsApp, Text or email to our clients informing of new services and discounted promotions, you can opt out at any time by WhatsApp (0203 151 0666) or emailing ( 'Stop Promo Messages' You are currently opted in.



Things You Should Know - Additional Charges:

From time to time our customers can/may incur additional charges for the following reasons:


Waiting Time

Should our team arrive during the prearranged time slot and get no answer at the door, they will call using the telephone number(s) provide and detailed in your order. Our teams will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes for you to arrive, after this point waiting time will be charged at a rate of £15 per half hour (per person). We also reserve the right to cancel your appointment after the initial 15 minutes waiting time has expired.


Waiting time may also be charge by our teams if they have to wait for rooms to be cleared, please ensure rooms are ready for us to work in upon arrival waiting time will be charged at a rate of £15 per half hour (per person).


Parking Tariffs, ULEZ & The Congestion Charge

The fixed assembly charge total does not include any parking tariffs we may have to pay for parking outside your property nor the congestion charge or ULEZ if you live within the zones. If these charges apply to the assembly address, please have the relevant cash to hand to pass on to the team for parking & the congestion charge.


Completing Your Delivery

Most retailers delivery service is ‘to the room of choice’ if you are un-sure about the delivery service please contact your retailer to clarify the delivery service and what to expect from your delivery team. Should our fitters arrive and the furniture is not in the destination room or just outside the destination room you may be charged an additional amount for us to complete your delivery to the room there is generally a minimum charge of £29.00 The assembler has the right to refuse moving your furniture throughout the property if he/she considers it in breach of health and safety regulations or if there is risk of damage to the property or if thry have time constraints.


Packaging Removal

The removal and disposal of packaging rates start from £29.00 if you would like the packaging of your furniture removed and responsibly disposed of please contact our office to book this service in advance.


Levelling & Anchoring/Attaching Furniture to Walls

This service is chargeable if not stated on your order form and can be arranged in advance by calling the booking team (anchoring is £39 per item).


Wardrobe Assembly

The assembly price quoted for wardrobes include us fitting a shelf and a clothes rail only (unless stated otherwise on your order form) If you have ordered additional fittings such as additional shelves, internal chest of drawers, soft closers, pull-out shelves or rails there will be an additional charge for fitting these items, only if our fitter has the time to install your additional items, so please if you have bought any additional fittings for your wardrobe please advise us well in advance of your appointment so we can add the additional time needed to your order.


Additional Shelves £2.50 each

Internal Chest of Drawers £25 per set

Soft Closers £10 per set

Pull-out shelves or trouser rails £5 per item

Preimum Pack £15 per pack



Should we not be able to assemble all of your items due to damage, missing parts or you would like to reschedule your assembly  after the fitters have arrived there will be a re-visit fee of around £59 (one person) or £89 (two person team) This cost should be passed on to the retailer via store or customer service department.


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